About Us

Who we are?

Right, we are a creative team of a few smart people. All of theme are University  Students and passionate about Movies. We are passionate to do a great help In the media and film industry. We watch movies, serials and tv series and write the pick point of the story and review the film as well. As well as we also write the explanation of the movie and talk more about movies and series.

What about our Mission?

We wish a workflow life for Bangladeshi younger. So, we collect information about all the Movies, Tv show, Series and discuss all the matter to our website. We also watch the movies and discuss about the explanation of the movies and series for whom are not familiar with movies story.

What WowFlix.xyz do?

Wowflix.xyz team basically collect all the information about the movies, tv shows, tv serials and tv series. We discuss about budget, hero, heroine, villain, story, top casting, movie release date and so many more. We also discuss about the film after publish the trailer and teaser.

After the release of the movies and series on theater and OTT platform, we write a review on it and publish it on our website. We also write down story breakdown and explanation for beginner on film.

We also collect the box office collection, viewers expression on the movie release, news of the films and so many thing all about movies.

Stay with US

We are working to develop our site day by day for your help. So, Stay with Us. And, Follow our Facebook page and Join Our Facebook Group to stay update. If you have any suggestion or complain about any of our service please contact us. Thank you.

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